Solid State Fermenter System

The solid state fermentation has broad applications in  medicine, beverage industry, enzyme preparations, biological pesticide, etc.

This fermenter system has the volumes ranging from  5L-20KL with advantages of low investment, good aseptic performance, safe operation environment, simple maintenance, no  environmental pollution, etc.

It  has the following functions:

  • SIP and cooling: Steam is directly connected to the fermenter and incooperated  with the special mixing system.
  • Temperature and humidity control: Temperature is digitally displayed. Air volume is adopted to control the temperature.
  • The medium temperature is controlled by adopting the fully atomized water supply system.
  • The material mixing and crushing system in the tank ensures even and stable fermentation.
  • Horizontal solid state fermenter: Convenient observation of materials, thorough discharging.
  • Control parameters: temperature, rotation speed, humidity.


10L solid state fermenter system


10L solid state fermenter system, 50L-150L  secondary solid state fermenter system


1000L solid state fermenter system


20KL solid state fermenter system application site