Production Type Customized Bioreactor System

1 KL bioreactor system

We have practical experience in microbial fermentation and powerful process and technology equipment capacity, advanced equipment manufacturing capacity, comprehensive project organization and construction capacity and project commissioning and personnel training ability. Currently, we have many completed examples in the biopharmaceutical fermentation field and enjoy a good reputation.

1. 50L , 1000L automatic bioreactor system

2. 1000L automatic bioreactor system

3. 1000L automatic bioreactor platform operation surface

4. 100L,200L,5000L bioreactor and material supply tank

5. 1000L automatic bioreactor

6. 100L,1000L cell reactor

7. 1000L automatic bioreactor

2KL bioreactor system

Our engineering center has a contingent of personnel who are specialized in biological processes, mechanical manufacturing and automation control. Our professional experience has been always at a leading position in China. Our well-trained design team and installation team enable our projects to reach the international professional level.

200L,  2000L automatic bioreactor system

300L material supply tank, 2000L automatic bioreactor

200L automatic bioreactor (tank body weighing)

2000L automatic bioreactor system

200L- 5000L automatic bioreactor system

The platform of 2000L bioreactor

2000L,3000L bioreactor automatic weighing system

2000L automatic bioreactor (centrifugal machine)

The platform of 2000L bioreactor

2000L tank bottom automatic discharging system

Weighing tube under the platform of 2000L bioreactor

4KL bioreactor system

Bailun can provide bioreactor engineering general contracting including design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, personnel training, process system, etc. By combining the fermentation products, we can help users to obtain GMP certification and other various certifications. Products of special specifications can be customized, and special design can be carried out according to special requirements.

1 . On the operation platform of 4KL bioreactor

2. Automatic control valve of 4KL bioreactor

3. Four sets of 4KL automatic bioreactor

4. Stainless steel operation platform of 4KL bioreactor

5. 1500L automatic seed tank

6. Aseptic operation of 4KL bioreactor

7. Entire 1500L seed tank

8. 1500L seed tank with hot water tank

5KL bioreactor system

Our company has a perfect construction management system, scientific construction management methods, as well as a mature quality management system. Thanks to our experienced engineers and technicians, we carry out design, purchasing, installation and commissioning in strict accordance with GMP requirements to ensure project execution quality and efficiency, and strive to create more value for users by applying our professional control solutions and technologies.

1. Integral system of three sets of 500L, 5000L bioreactor

2. Integral system of three sets of 500L, 5000L bioreactor

3. Integral system of three sets of 500L, 5000L bioreactor

4. Integral system of three sets of 500L, 5000L bioreactor

5. Fermenter Frequency converter

6. Control computer

7. 50L,500L seed tank and others

8. 50L,500L seed tank and others

10KL-25KL fermenter system

During system integration, commissioning and trial operation, our experienced project managers and professional engineering technicians will form a project team to complete the work from design, model selection, field construction and after-sales service. During our work at the site, we will dispatch our technical team to provide technical guidance and services at the site.

8 sets of 1000L, 10KL automatic fermenter

2 sets of 1000L, 10KL fermenter systems

6 sets of 15KL lower mechanical mixing vaccine fermenter systems

30KL-450KL fermenter system

We have the ability and experience in manufacturing large-sized pressure vessels, especially the manufacturing of stainless steel vessels. We have accumulated extensive experience in  equipment manufacturing, surface treatment (matte treatment, mechanical polishing, pickling and passivation). Meanwhile, we have standard production workshops and have the ability to carry out automatic manufacturing and produce various special pressure vessels.

1. 60KL fermenter tank and pipe

2. Sampling port of 60KL fermenter

3. Outer coil of 50KL fermenter

4. 350KL fermenter

5. 6 sets of 60T fermenter systems

6. 1 50 KL fermenter body