Plant Cell Photobioreactor

Suitable for microbial cultures with low shear force

Internal or external light sources with adjustable intensity can be provided

The culture of marine organisms, especially the cells and tissues of microalgae and macroalgae, is a research focus all over the world. Among them, some secondary metabolites such as marine terpenoids are widely studied secondary metabolites. Bailun has nearly 20 years of research experience in the phototrophic culture and photosynthesis field. The photobioreactor is a result of these research experiences.

The photobioreactor in the BLBIO-GCL series is suitable for culture of algae cells and tissues. It adopts a long and narrow tank with a total volume of 3.6L and tank cover specification of 11 SNW. It is provided with specially designed low position cooling jacket and outer casing type light source to ensure the transmission effect of lighting. It has various types of mixing paddles for selection such as flat paddle, bevel paddle and turbine paddle. The light intensity can be adjusted freely according to the percentage. When working with the BLBIO-V3.1 software, it can simulate various lighting modes, such as day and night alternation.

Technical parameters: three fluorescent lamps (8W) are provided as standard configuration, or products can be customized according to customer requirements. The light intensity is adjustable.


5L off-site sterilization magnetic mixing photobioreactor


10L off-site sterilization mechanical mixing photobioreactor


15L off-site sterilization air-lift mixing photobioreactor


50L double lighting stainless steel bioreactor