Spray Dryer

Model: BLBI0-8001

Technical Information

1. Two modes of run: Automatic-mode, and Eye-monitored mode for easy control of the process.
2. Air inlet temperature range:  30°C to 300°C
3. Air outlet temperature range:  30°C to 140°C
4. Evaporation of water at inlet temperature of 250°C.
5. Max. Sample feed: 1000 mVh
6. Min. Sample: 30ml
7. PID control to assure accurate temperature control and easy parameter adjustment. Temp. Precision:± 1 "C, dry cycle time: 1.0-1.5s
8. A touch screen to display temperature, airflow volume, air pressure, pump speed and de-blocker frequency.
9.  0.7 mm jet and other sizes are available as accessories
10. Power: 3.SKW AC220V
11. With cooling device for temperature-sensitive material (optional)

Model: BLBI0-8005

Technical Parameters

1. PLC control system with touch screen
2. Total height of the main tower: 2.75 mm;
3. Maximum water evaporation: 5 kg/H.
4. Atomizer speed: 25,000 rpm;
5. Electric heating power: 9 KW;
6. Inlet temperature range: 140°C-350°C,  self-control;
7. Outlet temperature range: 80°C-90°C