Control System Module 2

System software

BLBIO-v3.1 biological fermentation control software interface.
Independent design, independent intellectual property right, providing accurate theoretic basis for your fermentation research.


Researched and developed independently by Bailun Biological Technology Co., Ltd. after combining   years of experience in biological fermentation research, development and production of  advanced  technologies, gained domestically and internationally.  The biological reaction process control system integrates  microbial engineering, chemical engineering and cell engineering. It is an advanced technological product of multiple disciplines such as mechanical engineering, computer hardware, software engineering, etc., and represents a perfect controller of  Bailun Biological Technology Co.Ltd. among the fermentation equipments.                                                                                                                                       

A type control system
S type control system
A 1 type control system
D type control system
Z type control system
C type control system
S type control system
H type control system
DCS type control system