Biopharmaceutical Process Module GMP 1

5000L automatic bioreactor

50L automatic bioreactor

300L automatic vaccine bioreactor

10L, 100L automatic vaccine bioreactor

2000L automatic vaccine bioreactor

500L liquid dispensing tank (bottom magnetic mixing)

20L, 200L automatic bioreactor


500L automatic CIP

200L double liquid dispensing tank (bottom magnetic mixing)

The aseptic double mechanical seal, unique high temperature tail gas inactivation device, diaphragm valve imported from Europe, as well as integral sanitary design and manufacturing ensure biological safety of the environment and equipment.

Double mechanical seal

Automatic material supply control system

Full inMigent electric circuit and air way control system

Intelligent pressure control valve system 

Intelligent thermal mass flow meter system

Tail gas inactivation  system

Weighing module

Quick open tank cover system