Biopharmaceutical Process Module GMP 3

Bailun Company has various technical personnel who are specialized in fermentation engineering, biochemical industry, automation control, computer, mechanical engineering, etc. and have extensive experience in fermentation engineering design and field construction. While helping our customers to solve various problems in production and processes and providing whole-set process solutions, we are making our contributions to the improvement of industrialization capacity of China's biotechnology field through our excellent product quality and services of high added value.

50L automatic vaccine fermenter

200L automatic vaccine fermenter

5L, 50L,150L,500L automatic vaccine fermenter

5L,50L,500L automatic vaccine fermenter

50L,150L,500L automatic vaccine fermenter

5L, 50L automatic vaccine fermenter

500L automatic vaccine fermenter

200L automatic vaccine fermenter

100L,200L automatic vaccine fermenter

200L automatic vaccine fermenter

Biopharmaceutical Process Module GMP

Bailun Company provides complete biopharmaceutical upstream and downstream process equipment systems and comprehensive solutions. We are able to meet customer's  process requirements for cell culture or microbial fermentation, including  medium preparation, seed expansion, cell culture and fermentation, harvesting and clarification, buffer solution preparation and storage, chromatography system, ultrafiltration system, etc., so as to help our customers to achieve high-standard and high-efficiency technological processes.

50L 1000L vaccine bioreactor, 300L magnetic mixing material dispensing tank

50L bioreactor, 200L liquid dispensing tank, 300L liquid dispensing tank

1000L inactivation tank

3000L precipitation tank

200L preparation tank

5000L temporary storage tank

300L intermediate tank

3000L emulsification tank

5000L transfer tank

6000L harvesting storage tank

400L vaccine mixing tank

Upper part of 6000L harvesting storage tank

Storage tank control system

Vaccine bioreactor system

They all adopt lower mechanical mixing, occupying less space . With double mechanical seal, steam sterilization, cooling water and lubrication, biological safety is absolutely ensured.

1. 50L vaccine bioreactor

2. 40L, 100L vaccine bioreactor

3. 150L vaccine bioreactor

40L vaccine bioreactor

5. 200L vaccine bioreactor

6. Four sets of 200L vaccine bioreactor

7. 40L,80L vaccine bioreactor

9. First phase of 15KL bioreactor

5000L transfer tank

10. Third phase of 15KL bioreactor

11. Customer acceptance

12. Technical demonstration