Advanced Bioreactor System

Automatic bioreactor system

Consistent with the highest configuration in Europe, it reduces interference to scientific research by artificial factors, improves data repetitiveness and accuracy and lowers labor and material costs. Without the need of special personnel on duty, it can realize computer remote control and wireless monitoring of tank cover automatic opening system. Automatic control of all parameters can be performed.


Automatic bioreactor system (50L)

Metabolic flow fermenter system, a sharp tool for research and process development in R&D enterprises

Our company's metabolic flow fermenter system can measure 17 different online parameters such as temperature, agitation speed, pH, dissolved oxygen, antifoam, air flow, tank pressure, two-way material supply, fermentation liquor volume, O2  and  CO2 in exhaust gases,  from which  CUR, OUR, etc. can be calculated , provided that corresponding electrodes are attached.
This system is suitable for metabolic studies of molecular and biological research.


Quintuple metabolic flow fermenter system


50L double metabolic flow fermenter